Rownd's Privacy Portal - Data Privacy made easy

We at Rownd want to make data privacy simple. At our /privacy site, we help you understand what information is being collected, why, and by whom, in a human readable format. Data Privacy should not be written and only understood by lawyers, it should be assessable to everyone!

Data Being Collected

Who is collecting the data

Manage your personal data (aka: CCPA form, Don’t Sell my Data Request, Delete my data)

Manage your personal data with ease! Instead of a “data request” which could take weeks, simply claim your personal data and manage it with Rownd. You can see what data is being collected, correct it, or even delete it! Your personal data is yours! Don’t have any personal data with Rownd yet? Add some and try it out! We do use services like Hubspot to create e-mail marketing and not everything is integrated with Rownd yet, but that is our goal. Not just for us, but for the entire world.