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For come companies, you’ll have to be a little crafty to find the CCPA links. Dig deep so others can hold them accountable to the intent of the law. Beware, it could take a while to find the forms! Here are the easy steps:

  1. Make sure the company is not already hunted Check here.

  2. Find the company’s privacy policy (could require some googling) and the search for the data request form. This could be ANYWHERE. It could be under the “CCPA section”, notice to “California Residents”, the “Your rights area”, or contacts. This is one of the huge problems! Every company does it different!

  3. After you find the privacy policy and the data request form (or could be e-mail instructions) add them to the data base. There are only 4 required fields, but anything else you can fill out will help other users!

  4. We will review your submission and make it live ASAP.

  5. Repeat!

Quick video with directions, or just jump right in:

Only takes ~3 minutes (more if the company is ~evil and buries their forms)

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